Private Investigation and Security Agency
Checkmate Surveillance is a full service private investigative firm serving one client at a time.

Confidential Investigations
Spousal Investigations
Arson Investigations
Fraud Investigations
Insurance Investigations
Background Checks
Pre-Employment Screenings
Video Surveillance
 Cell Phone Forensics
 Missing Persons
Security Evaluations
Process Serving
Special Event Security

Confidential Investigations - We report the findings of our investigations to our clients and only our clients. Private investigators and their clients are subject to the same confidentiality rules as attorneys and their clients.
Spousal Investigations- Question: Is he or isn't he? Is she or isn't she? Answer: Checkmate Surveillance. We provide our clients with a thorough investigation using state-of-the-art surveillance tactics to help our clients with what could be a life changing decision.
People who need to know, contact Checkmate Surveillance first!!!

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PI License 3701205512
Full Service Investigative and Security Agency
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